Bear Garden

Following the success of Monkee Bar, we welcomed Bear Garden into our portfolio in December 2016 - another joint venture with a local partner. A relaxed bar and bistro, it is one of the very few places in Kuching’s historical heart where you can sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy a quiet beer. A mixture of local and Western dishes are served under the luscious greenery of the courtyard, and the bar offers a wide selection of speciality beers, spirits, cocktails and juices. The atmosphere is livelier in the evenings with regular live music providing the entertainment.

The aim of Bear Garden is to highlight the plight of Borneo’s native Sun Bear population, which is facing ever-increasing threats of habitat loss and poaching as well as demand from the pet trade and tourism industries. As with all our businesses, 50% of the profits from Bear Garden help further our conservation and welfare efforts on the island


Bear Garden

66 Wayang St
93100 Kuching
+6016 897 1822

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