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Project Borneo

Conservation. Animal welfare. Ethical volunteering & tours

Join us in Borneo and do something amazing - or scroll down to see how we make the world a better place

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Project Borneo at a Glance

Our work with endangered species in Borneo began with Project Orangutan in 2006, and the scope of the charity has expanded steadily ever since. Our hugely successful ethical volunteer and tour programmes are at the heart of what we do, providing essential hands-on-deck - as well as unforgettable experiences. At the same time a creative approach to sustainable fundraising has resulted in 4 partner businesses which help support us financially, meaning we don’t rely on donations alone.

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Animal Welfare Volunteering

Our volunteer programme, based at the Matang Wildlife Centre, cares for orangutan, sun bears, hornbills, sambar deer, clouded leopards and many other endangered species indigenous to Borneo.


Fundraising Businesses

We have 4 joint-ownership business (two hotels and two bars) which not only generate vital income for the charity, but also help raise awareness amongst tourists and locals alike.

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