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Blades forged in the fight for conservation

Handcrafted from old rusted cages which orangutan at the wildlife rehabilitation centre had once called their home.


The textured handle is refurbished from rotten parts of feeding platforms where semi-wild orangutan have their meals in part of the rehabilitation programme at the national park.


This piece was hand forged by our organisation Leo Biddle and represents a physical memento of each orangutan's journey.


Up-cycling the old raw materials is a hope to wield the message and vision of Project Borneo across borders to raise awareness of how each and everyone's contribution can play a part in creating a sustainable environment for the wildlife in Borneo.


We hope this letter opener is a representation of our commitment and adaptiveness to forge ahead and continue to make a difference regardless of the obstacles before us.

We hope you continue to follow and support our story.


"With great blades, come great environmental responsibility"


                                                                                               - Anon

B-Steel Blades

 6, Jalan Bampfylde,

Gan Swee Cho Garden,

93000, Kuching


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