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The world's most ethical and environmentally friendly candle!

What am I made of?


The glass that holds your candle is made from beer bottles we have collected and recycled from local businesses. In Borneo glass does not get recycled but goes into landfill - Glass does not bio-degrade

Wax mix


The soy wax used is mixed with filtered used cooking oils that come from local businesses - 25% of the overall mix is filtered cooking oil. This cooking oil normally ends up in the rivers of Borneo once it has been used


More than 90% of the used cooking oil around the world is put down the drain, making it one of the major causes of water contamination. It creates a thin layer of grease on the water preventing oxygen circulation into the water and producing harm to the environment.



Our wicks are made from the hessian sacks used for enrichment with rescued and captive orangutan.

Each wick is constructed of the hessian sacks that one of our orangutans has played with on many occasions



The shredded plastics are from water bottles we have collected from tourists visiting national parks in Borneo



We make our essential oils from ingredients grown at our eco-farm




Has been made from local plants and waste materials

Colugo Candles

 6, Jalan Bampfylde,

Gan Swee Cho Garden,

93000, Kuching


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