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Rafflesia Resort, Lundu

Like our other businesses this venture is a partnership in which the Orangutan Project owns 50% of the business and where 100% profit gained by us goes directly back to our animal welfare and conservation work. We took over the site in 2015 - then in a state of complete dilapidation - and set to work building an entirely new resort. The initial demolition and laying of foundations was undertaken by dedicated volunteers, before local contractors were employed to complete the build. Rafflesia Resort opened for guests in 2017.


The location is idyllic, and the views of the beach are those of a picture-perfect tropical island get-away. It is an area that Western tourism has yet to uncover so there is no ‘mass market’ feeling to the area. However the resort sits between several of Sarawak’s beautiful National Parks, and you could even drop in and see the results of our conservation efforts at the Matang Wildlife Centre. The closest town of Lundu is only minutes away and busier city of Kuching is about an hour and a half's drive.

Rafflesia Resort, Lundu

Siar Beach
94500 Lundu

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