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Orangutan at Semenggoh
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Padawan raft-buidling
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Group at Bako National Park

Orangutan, Rainforests

& Tribes Tour

This tour will take you through the national parks of Sarawak, some of the most bio-diverse habitats on the planet. Go behind the scenes at an orangutan rehabilitation centre and explore remote areas of the rainforest alongside the tribes who live there.

Scroll down for an overview of the itinerary and a link to our downloadable tour info pack.

Location: Various in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

Departs: 03rd of the month (Oct-Apr); 03rd & 17th of the month (May-Sept)

Duration: 14 days

Price: £999

Included: All essential food and drink, accommodation, airport transfers, expert guide at all locations, contribution to animal welfare and conservation work

Not Included: Flights, travel insurance, contraception

Day 1 

Arrive in Kuching

We collect you at the airport and transfer you to Basaga Residence (one of our fundraising businesses) to meet Project Orangutan staff and your fellow travellers for a welcome dinner and briefing. Make the most of the hot shower, air conditioning and swimming pool before departing to more rustic jungle accommodation!

Day 2-4

Matang Wildlife Centre

This centre is the focus of our fundraising and conservation work, and is also where the volunteer programme is based. You tour around the park meeting the conservationists working in the field, before trekking through the jungle, and potentially helping out directly with the conservation effort!

Day 4-5

Bako National Park

Bako is one of the most diverse of Sarawak’s national parks. Enjoy trekking through the 7 distinct ecosystems within its bounds, relaxing on the beautiful secluded beaches, or watching the varied wildlife. Here you can catch a glimpse of peculiar Proboscis monkeys, bearded pigs and carnivorous pitcher plants. We also strongly recommend joining the guided night walk to hunt for poisonous snakes and flying lemurs.

Day 5-7

Telok Serabang

Spend 2 nights at Telok Serabang, a Malay community situated in a beautiful coastal area of Sarawak. Assist with a fledgling turtle conservation project led by the local community.

Day 7-9


Spend 2 nights with a Bidayu community and learn how everything from rafts, to barbeque tongs, to houses can be crafted from bamboo.

Day 9-13

Batang Ai National Park

Here you are in for 5 days of hard-core trekking, back-to-basics living, and searching for elusive wild orangutan! Learn about the culture, lifestyle and traditions of the local Iban community.

Day 13-14

Semenggoh and return to Kuching

We travel back to Kuching, stopping at Semenggoh Orangutan Centre on the way for the chance to see semi-wild orangutan. Though they cannot be considered ‘truly’ wild, there is something unforgettable about seeing these animals in the trees. Spend a final night back at Basaga Residence for a farewell dinner with your group, before transfers to the airport the following day.


Project Ethos

If it has always been your dream to hold a baby orangutan, this is not the tour for you. Over-exposure to direct human contact only serves to decrease the chances of rehabilitation for rescued orangutan, and makes it less likely that they will ever be released back into the wild. Please have a read of our No Contact Policy for more information on this issue. In saying that, our volunteers always find their tour incredibly enjoyable and worthwhile - please see their testimonials at the bottom of this page, or contact them via our Project Borneo Facebook group to hear from them first-hand.


NAME, June 9, 2019


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