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Why Volunteer with Project Borneo?

The incredible work of the 200+ volunteers who come to Borneo every year could not be more crucial to what we do.

But why do we need so many volunteers? The dedication, enthusiasm and expertise (though not essential!) which they bring to the project is absolutely irreplaceable.

All animal sanctuaries face challenges, and these are often amplified in the developing world. For example, access to things like medical supplies and quality building materials can be very tough, and the facilities, conditions and standards of care are often far from ideal. In addition, despite the ‘good news’ stories of releases which the international media focuses on, not all rescued animals will ever be fit to be released, and many require a lifetime of care.

We will not revolutionise conservation for vulnerable animals overnight; a massive societal change is needed if that is going to happen. However every single volunteer helps us achieve great things. By partaking in an ethical volunteer project you are part of that positive societal evolution!

The Volunteer Programme

Location: Matang Wildlife Centre, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

Departs: 05th and 19th of every month

Duration: 14 or 28 days

Price: £1280 (14 days); £1865 (28 days)

Included: All essential food and drink, accommodation, airport transfers, contribution to animal welfare and conservation work

Not Included: Flights, travel insurance

Day 1 

Arrive in Kuching

We collect you at the airport and transfer you to Basaga Residence (one of our fundraising businesses) to meet Project Orangutan staff and your fellow volunteers for a welcome dinner and briefing. Make the most of the hot shower, air conditioning and swimming pool before departing to more rustic jungle accommodation!

Day 2

Move to Matang

You will settle into your jungle lodge before being taken on a tour of the park to meet the animals, including the resident orangutan. Your day will finish with a trip to the shops for groceries, local SIM cards and anything else you may need for your time at the centre - there are no shops in the park.

Day 3-13 / 3-27

Make a difference!

This is where you get stuck in to real welfare work! You will be carrying out a variety of tasks including husbandry, construction work, enrichment, maintenance and farming. These will not always be glamorous, but they are all essential to maintain and improve our standards of care for these animals. Please see our ‘Project Ethos’ section below and our downloadable Volunteer Info Pack for more detail on the type of jobs you can expect to be set.

Day 14 / 28

Return to Basaga

The last day of the trip sees you enjoy your final night with the group back in the comfort of Basaga Residence, and includes a well-earned leaving dinner!

Day 15 / 29

Travel Onwards

We will transfer you to the airport for your flight home - or why not see what else spectacular Sarawak has to offer?


Project Ethos

If it has always been your dream to hold a baby orangutan, this is not the tour for you. Over-exposure to direct human contact only serves to decrease the chances of rehabilitation for rescued orangutan, and makes it less likely that they will ever be released back into the wild. Please have a read of our No Contact Policy for more information on this issue. In saying that, our volunteers always find their tour incredibly enjoyable and worthwhile - please see their testimonials at the bottom of this page, or contact them via our Project Borneo Facebook group to hear from them first-hand.

Find more testimonials and information at the Project Borneo facebook page or Instagram page.

Volunteer Programme: News

Kerry Hastedt November 2019

"I volunteered here last year and have kept in touch with the work they're doing at this wonderful project - the team have hearts of gold, do so very much with so little and keep the welfare of the animals at the heart of everything they do! I learnt so much when I was here and was inspired to my core. Anyone who wants to better understand the complex world of conservation/animal welfare (and sustainability); how to make more educated choices in life/travel etc.; and/or has time/skills they can volunteer should definitely check them out..."

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