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Why Do We Collect Plastic?


Currently, in Borneo there is no active plastic recycling. This means that all plastic waste goes back into our beautiful environment.


Our goal is to turn recycled plastic into products that can fundraise for the charity's environmental and animal welfare activities.

What Kind Of Plastic?

With this project, we are currently starting out with 2 types of plastic:

HDPE (2) - inc. Water Bottle Tops, Shampoo bottles, disinfectant and cleaning bottles.


PP (5) - inc. Plastic containers, children's toys, medical components,

If it's clean and has the 2 logos you see, we are interested!

What do we do with it?

Well here is the fun part! Currently, we started with a plan to create plastic tops for our Eco Candles (if you would like to know more please ask us!)


When sold to tourists or overseas this allows us to get plastic out of Borneo's beaches and national parks.


However, the possibilities are endless and we have Big Ideas!


How Can I Help?

Well there are 2 ways you can help right now:

Donation of your HDPE & PP Clean Plastic. We have 2 locations, addresses at the top!


Volunteering to help us with the process and creation of items. We have a team of great volunteers if you'd like to



If you have any questions, or would like to know more or make a donation, our contact details are below.

Porcupine Plastics

 6, Jalan Bampfylde,

Gan Swee Cho Garden,

93000, Kuching


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